13/05/2019 09:41:17

The Wu Xing theory, also known as Five Elements desribes the interactions and relationships between phenomena to maintain one important thing. Applying the same concept to Vietnamese culinary assists The Coffee Club Chefs in proudly giving birth to Salad Power Bowl with five colors representing five different elements, which are Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

This theory is not only applied in boiling method to maintain the natural tastes, but also highlights the five vibrant looks: white color from button mushroom and marinated chicken, green theme of beans and garish, the red color from chilli, the orange look of carrot and the yellow American corn. These things join together to reinforce the meaning of Yin Yang concept where the two factors support each other to form one thing. With special sauces from our talented chef, you will enjoy wholeheartedly this memorable and irresistable meal.

If you are looking for a light taste to wake up your five senses for a new effective day with full energy, Power Bowl is your best choice!

Saigon Power Bowl

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