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Now you can answer the question of ‘Where will I meet you’? in many languages around the world.

The Coffee Club is a lot bigger than just your local café down the road, or the kiosk in your nearby shopping centre – we operate on a global scale.


Our first store opened in Eagle St Pier, Brisbane, Australia on 2nd November 1989. Today we have over 400 stores globally; 296 in Australia, 60 in New Zealand, 29 in Thailand and the remaining stores in Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives.


No matter which Coffee Club you visit across the world, our global franchise partners are proud to make sure you get the same good food, great service and excellent coffee that we are famous for, with some local flavours we know you will love.


Our simple, well thought out menu comprises favourite foods that celebrate local produce – which means no matter which of our stores you visit, you can experience the same great menu and find some new local favourites – whether you live locally or are travelling for holidays or business.


Our coffee is an award winning espresso blend which is sourced internationally by our own coffee experts to ensure the quality and origin of the beans. We roast out of Australia, for many Coffee Clubs around the world, to ensure our consistency is maintained for the best flavour possible.


The Coffee Club serves as a relaxed meeting place in all of our stores around the world.


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